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167th Infantry Division tactical symbol.

167. Infanterie-Division Tactical Symbol

This is the tactical symbol, for the 167. Infanterie-Division, before it became the 167. Volksgrenadier-Division. The 167th Infantry Division was formed in the Bavarian capital of Munich in November 1939, absorbing the 7th; 27th and 34th Field-Replacement Battalions from their respective divisions in January. It was also at this point that its commanding officer, Colonel Gilbert, was promoted to Major General, shortly before his replacement by Lieutenant General Oskar Vogl.[1]
The division took part in the initial 1940 invasion of France with Army Group C, capturing Ouvrage Kerfent and Ouvrage Bambesch – two components of the Maginot Line – between 20–21 June.[2] The division remained in occupied France until February 1941, when it returned to its garrison in Bavaria. In August 1940, Major General Hans Schönhärl took over as commanding officer, being promoted to Lieutenant General in December.

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