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167th Volksgrenadier Division Yahoo Chat Group;  join and get all the 167 Volksgrenadier Division  news and updates.

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der Erste Zug A Heer Living History Organization!  This is one of the best sources of general German army training information.  Check out their article section.

At The Front is an good source for re-enacting gear including uniforms, helmets, gear and boots.

The Panzer Store Best vendor for HBTs and camouflage items. Their Luftwaffe smock is the best you can buy. They also make the best HBT uniforms and their wools are amazing also.  As, well as, zeltbahns.

Wehrmacht Shoes good location, for quality shoes and boots.

Lederarsenal another good location, for quality shoes and boots.

GD43 We specialize in custom made Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and SS field caps and other related items.

On The March  provides custom-tailored German WWII uniforms for discerning re-enactors and collectors.  Economy line is recommended if standard can’t be afforded.

Reddick Militaria is a great source for medals, hats, armbands and other accessories.

1944 Militaria is another very good source, for paints, WWII German Soldaten uniforms and gear. is an online reference guide to WW2 German helmets, 1933-1945. is an online source for information about the WW2 German shelter quarter and it’s many uses.

Nord Ost Crates builds some of the finest crates, boxes and signs, for the WWII reenacting and collecting communities.  They craft them to the highest standard of HISTORICAL accuracy and workmanship, as well as the highest quality materials that can be found. “If we can’t find it, we make it”.     If you are interested in a product, please contact us for more information and shipping cost. We also enjoy custom projects. If you don’t see it send us a picture, plans, or a general description and we will research and build it for you.      

Hessen Antiques is a good place to buy uniforms, equipment and boots.

Atlantic Wall Blanks  a good source for German 8mm blanks.

Texas Military Forces Museum, Camp Mabry –  Austin, Texas.  45,000 square feet of display space, depicting the military history of the 36th Division, from it’s early roots to modern day.  Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m.  Free admission and parking.  Donations welcomed.

Bunker Militaria offers a wide selection of 19th and 20th Century German militaria, with a focus on field gear and personal items from WWI and WWII. The majority of our inventory is imported directly from Germany. Please take a look at our Ebay auctions as we list many new items each week. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or your “wants” list of items. We are constantly receiving new inventory and acquiring new items for sale.

Patton And His Third Army Living Historians:  This web site is dedicated to the preservation of General George S. Patton’s personal history and command of Third Army.  Through living historians of today that have actively researched every aspect of his personal and military life and those of his immediate circle to create a more complete portrait of the man, his politics and actions. Patton’s Third Army living historians, have studied all the battles the Third Army fought, under what conditions, the various strategies and equipment that was used. Over years these living historians have acquired proper uniforms, restored the equipment & vehicles allowing them to authentically re-create and re-enact the period and bring history alive to audiences all over the world.

Join Up:

If you are already a member of  another reenacting group and are looking to make a change, great!   Take a look at the Uniform Requirements page and figure out  which impression you’d like to portray: Heer or Luftwaffe. We also have specialty impressions, within both them, it’s all up to you.

Contact the Division Commander, for more information or join and he will help you get uniformed and equipped to the Division’s standards.

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