The 167 Volksgrenadier Division is a Texas based re-enactment/living history organization. If you have a keen interest in history and a passion to do it the right way the first time; please, go to the Contacts section and email the Division Commander, for more information or fill the application in the Forms section  to get involved.  We do not have dues, but we require you to purchase re-enactor insurance.  The 167 Volksgrenadier Division has two levels of membership one, for veteran re-enactors and another, for first time re-enactors; see the By-Laws section for details.

We have members in Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas as well as members in Kansas and Delaware.  We will be glad to help anyone with a genuine interest in the legitimate pursuit of historical re-enactment/living history. We are an active, we camp out whenever possible and engaged in both tactical (not open to the public) and show (open to the public) events. We are not limiting membership to Texas; if you can make it to the events we schedule on our Calender you are welcome to join us.

Join Up:

If you are already a member of  another reenacting group and are looking to make a change, great!   Take a look at the Uniform Requirements page and figure out  which impression you’d like to portray: Heer or Luftwaffe. We also have specialty impressions, within both them, it’s all up to you.

Contact the Division Commander, for more information or join and he will help you get uniformed and equipped to the Division’s standards.

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