Sniper Sleeve Patch

Sniper Sleeve Patch (Scharfschutzen-abzeichen) – Awarded for 2 years of doing a complete and correct sniper impression after receiving the Infantry/Luftwaffe Assault Badge. Awarded in all 3 grades in progressive order. 2 years 3rd Class badge, 4 year 2nd Class badge and 6 or more years 1st Class badge. The badge to be worn n the right cuff above all other insignia, but not on the greatcoat. (The sniper badge was instituted in September, 1944 and was initially awarded to snipers for a specific number of confirmed kills. In early 1945, Hitler decreed than any troops (officially trained as snipers or not) were eligible for the badge. In practice, the badge was rarely worn due to the certainty of being executed if the soldier was captured and identified as a sniper. Worn on the lower right sleeve.)

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