By Laws


I. Minimum Requirements to Join the 167 Volksgrenadier Division:

A.) AGE:

You must be at least 16 years old;  have a written permission and a release form signed by their parent/parents or legal guardian.  The release form must be renewed every year until their 18th birthday. Anyone accepted in the Division under the age of 16 will be considered an auxiliary member of the Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 468.


You must be in reasonably good health to fight in the field for at least 6 hours plus withstand the Texas heat.


You must already own any 2 of the following:

1.) German Helmet: M35, M40 or M42.

2.) Rifle: model 98K,  German semi or full auto weapon.

3.) Boots: M39 march boots with hobnails or M42 low boots with hobnails and gaiters. (Vehicle crew members may have either boots without hobnails)

4.) German Tunic: M36, M40, M43 or M44 (HBT uniform is highly recommended).  No HBT tunics with green collars.

5.) Re-enactor insurance. We require all members to purchase re-enactor insurance, in place of membership dues.


 You must not have a felony criminal arrest record.  You must be legally capable of owning a firearm in Texas.

II. Membership levels depending on experience and equipment:

A.)  Level 1:   Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 468:  This is a temporary posting that all new recruits are posted to. New recruit is defined as either a first timer(never re-enacted before) or veteran re-enactor(has re-enacted before):

1.) Receives all of his/her training and has up to 1 year to acquire all of the required equipment and uniform components(see the Uniform Requirements section of the 167 Volksgrenadier Division website, for the complete list of required equipment)  for their primary impression.

2.)  All veteran re-enactors are temporarily assigned to Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 468,  while the Division Commander and the Command Staff assess the veteran’s previous re-enacting experience/training level, uniform and equipment requirements for their primary impression, within the Division.

3.) Must acquire re-enactors insurance.

4.)  Has taken longer than a year to acquire their primary impression and or required equipment or has not acquired re-enactor’s insurance(may not be allowed to attend events).

5.) Restrictions and limitations of this level:

a.) Can not run for the office of Division Commander.

b.) May nominate another member, for Division Commander or awards, but may not vote at this level.

c.) May accrue awards, but is not allowed to wear any awards at this level.

d.) There are no promotions at this level.

B.) Level 2:   1Kp.-Grenadier-Regiment 331 or 1Kp. Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment-33 Once out of the Gren. Ers. Btl. 468 the new recruit has picked one of the two primary impressions.

1.) Rights and privileges:

a.) May run for the office of  Division Commander.

b.) Is granted full voting and nomination rights.

c.) May wear all awarded and/or approved awards.

d.) Maybe, promoted at this level.

III. Elections:

A.) Elections will be held for the Division Commander’s position every two years at Camp Mabry’s Muster day event on odd numbered years. Only Level 2 1 Kp.-Grenadier-Regiment 331 or 1Kp. Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment-33 members can nominate and vote,  Level 1: Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon 468 members may nominate, but not vote in any elections. The Division Commander’s position will be voted on by the voting membership at the event.

B.) The Division Commander may put issues before the 167 Volksgrenadier Division, for a vote. Only the  Level 2: 1 Kp.-Grenadier-Regiment 331 or 1Kp. Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment-33  members may vote on these issues, either in person or via email. In all elections the majority of the votes wins.

IV. Promotions and other actions:

A.) The Division Commander is the highest ranking member of the 167 Volksgrenadier Division, and the position is based on the strength and or growth of the  167 Volksgrenadier Division and is laid out as follows: Unteroffizer: 5 to 10 members, Feldwebel: 11 to 16 members, Stabsfeldwebel: 17 to 22 members,Leutnant: 23 to 28 members, Hauptmann 29 to 34 members, Oberstleutnant 35 to 40 members, Oberst41 to 46 members.  With higher ranks to be created as needed.

B.) All other ranks will be promoted from Level 2: 1 Kp.-Grenadier-Regiment 331 or 1Kp. Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment-33 members, by the Division Commander and Command Staff.

C.) Once promoted, you retain that rank until promoted to the next highest rank.

D.) Membership in the 167 Volksgrenadier Division is a privilege and not a right; therefore, any breach of the “conduct non be coming”(see below) subsection, will be dealt with as prescribed.  Dual organization memberships are allowed, with the prior  approval of the Division Commander and Command Staff only.

E.) Reduction in rank:

1.) Voluntary by request of the member.

2.) Disciplinary actions  may be taken by the Division Commander, with the unanimous approval of the Command Staff (Command Staff is selected from the top lower ranks, by the Division Commander), for any action, actions or behavior that brings discredit, dishonor or is considered disruptive to the 167 Volksgrenadier Division.  May not be limited to the following:

a.)  “conduct non be coming ” is defined as the following:

1.) Slander is defined as:
a) making excessive unfounded accusations about any member of the
Division, and/or

b) making repeated, negative, untrue public comments about any member
of the Division. Any member who makes such repeated or public
accusations of misconduct against another member shall be subject to
disciplinary action unless he can prove, to the satisfaction of the
Division Commander, the validity of his charges.

2.) Miscellaneous Harmful Actions:

This category of misconduct includes any action, whether deliberate or due to irresponsibility, which:

a) causes negative publicity for the Division; or

b) damages the relationship between the Division and any other
organisation; or

c) results in harm to any individual or damage to any personal and or private property; or

d) can be shown to be a deliberate act of theft; or

e) constitutes a felony under state or federal law.

May result in: reduction to the next lower rank,  reduction to the lowest rank, removal of some or all awards and or banning the member from the 167 Volksgrenadier Division, for life.

Join Up:

If you are already a member of  another reenacting group and are looking to make a change, great!   Take a look at the Uniform Requirements page and figure out  which impression you’d like to portray: Heer or Luftwaffe. We also have specialty impressions, within both them, it’s all up to you.

Contact the Division Commander, for more information or join and he will help you get uniformed and equipped to the Division’s standards.

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